Whites Woods Nature Center is a recreational area in Indiana, Pennsylvania. With miles of trails and wildlife, it's a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Open from sunrise to sunset daily, the trails are enjoyed by many all year round. There is an entrance into the woods on North 12th Street, or you can enter through the adjoining IUP Co-op park. If you wish to volunteer and keep Whites Woods clean contact White Township Recreation Complex at (724) 349-2667 or through Friends of Whites Woods. Their link is posted below.

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The wind blew gently through the trees, sending the golden leaves to float gently to the ground, where they lay upon the path. Squirrels and chipmunks rustled through the fallen leaves, scurrying around playfully as they enjoy the last warm days of the year. My feet tread gingerly along the path, trying to avoid the loud crunching sound that comes from walking on dead leaves. The air was warm as the sun shone brightly through the trees that were still clinging to their leaves. Bare branches stood tall against the clear blue autumn sky. Taking a deep breath, I once again remembered why fall is my favorite season of all. I knew I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day, and couldn't have recieved better had I asked. And like myself, many other people had realized how special a day it was, and how very few like them there were left in the year. But while I saw plenty of people enjoying the beauty, the woods never seemed crowded or overpopulated, and it never took more than a few steps before I was alone again. The main path I was following branched off in different directions, and I decided on one that I hadn't been on recently. It lead me down into a valley, with the sides of the hills covered in golden and red leaves, immersing me into the magnificence that the forest had to offer. Time passed quickly, and I soon realized that the time that I had to spend in the woods was up. It was sad to leave, the time I'd spent had been so perfect, but I was not disheartened, knowing that even though I had to leave, I could always return.
I hope my short description of a trip I took to the woods inspires you to get outside and enjoy the wonders of fall before they pass to winter. But even if you don't get the chance, White's Woods is lovely all year long, and its' beauty doesn't cease based on the season.

These are pictures from a recent visit to Whites Woods.

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