Whites Woods Nature Center is a recreational area in Indiana, Pennsylvania. With miles of trails and wildlife, it's a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Open from sunrise to sunset daily, the trails are enjoyed by many all year round. There is an entrance into the woods on North 12th Street, or you can enter through the adjoining IUP Co-op park. If you wish to volunteer and keep Whites Woods clean contact White Township Recreation Complex at (724) 349-2667 or through Friends of Whites Woods. Their link is posted below.

Voice of the People

Many people use White's Woods. You have the hikers, mountain bikers, and the runners. There are those that come with their dogs, a picnic basket, or with a carefree attitude who just wants to get away and go for a nice walk. You have some that have been walking these trails for years or those who just started, mirroring the beginning of their life as a college student. The point being they all enjoy this wonderful park with its trails and rugged natural beauty. As one person said, "[A place of] beauty, peace, and serenity" and another said, "[Its] scenic and a great escape." How can someone disagree with that? The Woods is even a good place for the family. "It's a great place to take your kids and dog," an older gentleman said when interviewed. There are plenty of trails and loads of activities like bird watching or Frisbee golf. Another hiker even said "it's a good place for group events" so bring a few friends and start an adventure. But if you want to go alone and get some "you" time, that's fine too. A runner had this to say about White's Woods, "[There is] a lot of nice scenery and a lot of good places to run..." All you need is a good pair of sneakers and with a multitude of trails ranging in difficulty, all types of people can use them.

There some users that suggest some improvements of the trails; however, not everyone agrees. "Should there be more signs?" and "What changes would you make to White's Woods?" were two of the questions asked during some interviews. The topic of more signs seemed to have the most diversity in answers. Some said there was no need for change and that the trails are labeled well enough. "It would take away from the natural beauty.." While there are others who express concern that it could get disorientating. One hiker said, "There should be more signs or better labeling, especially for those who are new to the trails." Even Tom Miller, a member of the board of Friends of White's Woods, suggested that maps should be more readily available for all users. Others even suggested that something should be done to some of the trails because they are a bit treacherous. Tom also said about putting more benches in, but there just isn't the man power to do it.

Get involved, tell us what you think. If you want to bring this issue or any concerning White's Wood, let your voice be heard. You can contact Friends of White's Woods through their own blog.

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